Performing As Lalded's Guru Sedmol at Pyare Lal Bhawan Delhi 2007

​​​​  With the advent of new-age, we at MILTSAR have decided to ensure that the diverse world is actually one family and all diverse communities need to come under one global roof and live peacefully even if there is a pluralistic society. Righteous aspects of all thoughts and instructions need to be highlighted through all means to make it reach to the common man and inspirational music should run in all veins to ensure harmonious living all around. We at Miltsar have decided to enact RAM Ji's arrival at TULMUL KASHMIR on the day of Asooj Poornima 20th of October this year. 



Now further on the eve of SILVER JUBILEE CELEBRATION OF BOONYI that MILTSAR started in SIRIFORT AUDITORIUM in 1993. This was announced on the 11th of Feb 2018 at Lalleshwari Vatika, Faridabad, POSE FOR BOONYI was an instant hit photo shoot. Ladies, gents, and children were seen fully enthusiastic for the event who were seen nostalgic for the same photoshoot.  So join us to know more about this ancient heritage activity this year 2021!                                                                                                  

​​​​Miltsar the compassion is the  Expression of one's inner being ! 

CATCH ME AT as per schedule announced on the site. You can check the same whenever I will be available for the presentations of Scriptural texts, Recitations, Chants, Kashmiri and other SONG performances! See you there AT - Naadbindu Dalip Langoo

IGNCA NEW DELHI-VASANTOSAV Dance by Miltsar artistes

"Lajwanti as Kashir Batany with Gager", at Sirifort Auditorium on Feb 8th 1993 

​​​On the occasion of SILVER JUBILEE CELEBRATION of BOONYI we intend to share best of the Kashmiri culture among all. Social media will be the main source of sharing this blissful dream. MUSIC, DANCE, DRAMA, DEBATING, DRESS DEMONSTRATIONS will be explored and all the schools, Radio and Television stations will be approached to explore this noble mission and good thoughts spread all over the globe.

Under this BOONYI 2018 which is designed with music, dance, and dresses of ancient Kashmir that carried the great philosophy of the divine land. So join us and enjoy the coming events that will be announced from time to time. Follow us as we are decorating this 25th year of our cultural journey, "OWN A PHYARAN, GIFT A PHYARAN" ALSO WIN A PHYARAN AND JUST SEND US A PHOTO that will be judged by our jury for an attractive gift. The results will be shared on this site itself and intimated to the recipient individually as well. So BOOK A PHYARAN at  or Whatsapp on 9313638303 with all the details.

With Late Virendra Razdan in New Mumbai 

​on the eve of Krishnagaman at Vishnu Das Bhawe.


Release of scriptural treasure four precious music albums

Bach e Nagma at Sirifort Auditorium by

Chander Mohan Zutshi 1993 BOONYI

With Legendry Pt Bhajan Sopori ji on the eve of

Gash e Tarukh at

Mawlankar hall New Delhi

Another rogramme announced


Deewali function 2006 being  performed at Lalleshwari Vatika with the presence of Padmshri Pt J N Kaul Ji

Glimpses from Krishnagaman by Jyotika 2015

C & P rights reserved with MILTSAR

Artistes performing "Aarti Maharagnya Bhagwati"  


TULMUL ABHIYAAN is concluded on 20th of October when we performed Ram Parikrama and lit 108 Ratan Deeps, Furled 108 flags, immersed 108 Kand's into the sacred Tulmul Naag. Now we are preparing for another MEGA ritual on "MAGHA ASHTAMI" at "TULMUL" when we will be doing another ritual in which we are supposed to lit 10,000 yes "TEN THOUSAND" Ratndeep's and a Pooja will be conducted with chanting of Maharagnya Saharnaama!

interested individuals who are desirous can be part of this event with a confirmation at before 15th of December 2021

In the previous activity we did Ram-Rudra Aawahanam for getting rid of terrorism in Kashmir and elsewhere and in Magha Ashtami event we are doing a special ritual meant to join Shakti points in Kashmir to achieve our successful and peaceful return. Those who understand these aspects of Kashmiri Dharma can support us to achieve our goal! All our ritualistic, musical, drama, dance programmes are supported by  SIDHHI programmes. Thank You! Naadbindu, for MLECPF


​M I L T S A R
Lalitaditya Education, Culture & Peace Foundation

Let us preserve and promote the jewels of our cultural heritage!

Preparing for the show Green room at Sri Sathya Sai International Lodhi New Delhi

Film Shooting with Chandra Mohan Zutshi and Amit Kaul

Magh Ashtami at Tulmul with 10,000 Deepak's

Pose for Boonyi at Harmony India and recording Maharagnya Aarti with Gash Tarukhs!

Mr and Mrs Razdan at Dilshad Garden Delhi

Miltsar performing at 12th festival of ASIAN ARTS at HONG KONG in 1988

CATCH ME AT as per schedule announced on the site. You can check the same whenever I will be available for the presentations of Scriptural texts, Recitations, Chants, Kashmiri and other SONG performances! See you there AT - Naadbindu Dalip Langoo  

MILTSAR ANNOUNCED ITS SILVER JUBILEE CELEBRATION FOR THE YEAR 2018 with the photo shoot POSE FOR BOONYI at LALLESHWARI VATIKA FARIDABAD. The residents posed for the event with full enthusiasm and keen interest for our ancient cultural heritage. The ethnic dresses were at its full bloom. New designs were introduced by MAYA designed by designer Superna. We look forward to the participation of all art, fashion and culture lovers!

The previous programme Tulmulichi Boonyi with Ram Parikrama was a grand success at Tulmul on 20th Oct. the Aashwin Poornima day when Shri Ram's presence is experienced at the premises. We enacted Shri Ram's arrival at the sacred site.

We are highly grateful to all the individuals, families who supported us in this divine mission, which has added to our strength billion fold. Preservation of our cultural ethos is our prime concern and that too with our ancient golden values. Thank You all!

Naadbindu for MLECPF