Miltsar’s owned projects about to be released very soon 2015: 

  1. Zindu Roz-Music Album;  2. Sudama Charit– Music Album;  3. Boonyi– Variety Show- Silver Jub. 2018;

  4. Satan Sendryan Tal– Sharika Bhagwati;  5. Yander Tu Chandur– Entertainment;  6. Krishnagaman;

   7. Panchastavi– Sanskrit;  8. Bhawani Saharnaam-Music album -Music album;  9. Lalita Sahasrnaam;  

  10. Hanuman Chalisa-Music album;  11. Koshur Ramayan-Music album;  12. Bhagwad Gita-Music album;  

  13. Guru Geeta-Music album;  14. Amar Ganga-Music album;  15. Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Akh Anubhav-

  To be released on 21 st of April 2015;   16. Shiv Leelayi Kamu Veelayi– Herat;  17. Hutte Hutta;   18. Khander;

  19.  Mannzyraath;  21. Shongi Vothi Chandri; 22. O Kus Bo Kus;  23.  Tule Longun Tulaan Chas;

  24.  Zind Roz;  25. Yeli Man Pran Shrochravakh... 

      Miltsar working for other organizations/company:
            1. Kashiri Sai Leelayi-Music Album;   2. Peer Pandit Paadshah – Music Album;  

            3. Lolu Bawath– Music Album;  4. Garu Divta–Music Album;  5. Maay– Ensemble of Kashmiri songs;  

Memorable Pictures:​ Stage Programs, Album release, Concert pictures:

​Dalip Langoo - 1973 Onward musical journey!

Vocalist and cultural activist from Kashmir valley known for songs sung in Gul-Gulshan-Gulfam, Say-e-Deodar-Ke, Bul Bul Bagh for DD1 and DD2 respectively recorded his first song as Lal Vaak in 1973 for the Stage opera that was to be staged in Kolkatta. Have sung in various languages. Doing programes on Radio, Television and Stage regularly since 1974. have been organizing and participating in operas and variety programmes since 1978. Had the privilege to work with eminent writer-Director Mr. Pran Kishore Kaul, renowned actor, choreographer and music director Mr. Kishan Langoo, famous vocalist Malika Pukhraj, Pt. Tej Krishan Jalali, famous Music director and Santoor player, Pt. Bhajan Sopori, writer director Late Mr. Radhey Krishan and eminent writer and film director Late Mr. Arun Kaul, Music Director Late Pt. Mohanlal Aima, film writer director Ved Rahi, writer producer Mr. Sunil Mehta, film actor-producer Mr. Prem Krishan, Film Writer Lyricist Irshad Kamil. At present, Miltsar Group is maintained with the hope that one day we will have its main base in Srinagar Kashmir where from it began its operations from the famous Tagore Hall the cultural hub of Srinagar in 1988.
After Exodus from Kashmir the entire artiste's of the community had become wanderers for the due work and a place to live, but with the passing of time we gathered once again and made a fresh break through with the big show at SiriFort Auditorium New Delhi with the presentation of a variety show BOONYI the Chinar on 8th of Feb 1993 with the help of our well wishers and friends.
In the same year we did a grand show of the dance drama “Asee Kary Dour Patu Wath” when the prime social organisation invited us to stage it in the same Sirifort, New Delhi, premises. The artiste fraternity rose to the occasion and a new renaissance took place within the community. These shows continued even today with different things at different occasions at various places all over the country. May the hard work of artistes bore fruits of compassion that can lead us to revive our culture in a new way. Our return to valley is a cherished dream to our own homeland.
In this direction whatever role we have to play we are committed to work towards the righteous way to attain what our community deserve. We have not limited our work to our community but extended to the rest of the world as well because our roots have spread all over the globe. REACHING A BILLION SOULS program is one such attempt to reach out to global children the generation of coming new world. With the arrival of SILVER JUBILEE YEAR OF BOONYI we are committed to spread our cultural ethos once again in more colorful way!

I'd like to share with you about my recent activity with dearest children of the world who have shown deep interest in chanting the verses of Bhagwad Gita so I am on job now coordinating, creating musicals and make all of them sing the song of divine...!

Being a cultural activist it is our foremost duty to ensure that each indigenous groups preserve their respective musical treasure. 

We are not confined to a single music format of a particular region, caste or a group but that of all living peoples on this globe. So whatever comes in our way we pick it up and polish it and infuse it among all concerned. Our motive is to rebuild the musical scenario which is otherwise at the verge of extreme changing phase. The originality of each form is changing. While change is inevitable but let the original form not loose its essence due to experimentation for new music to emerge. Let all survive with full colors of compassion that is Miltsar!

I'm passionate about giving back what I possess, is what I owe to all music lovers so that Miltsar the compassion spreads in all directions.

We at Miltsar are glad to announce that we are training in the first phase more than 20k children to sing the song of divine starting with Bhagwad Gita of Lord Krishna. 

We love to perform with children especially when they show keen interest in the format that inspire them most. Meeting them in all the Indian States, Videos are still pouring in from all parts of the world in particular from NCR NEW DELHI, PUNE, KANPUR, BANGALURU, HYDERABAD, LUCKNOW, AMBALA, JAMMU, SRINAGAR, CHANDIGARH, JAIPUR, VARANASI, KOLKATTA, DEHRADUN, MUMBAI, SRINAGR(UP), JAPAN, CANADA, USA, AUSTRALIA, UK, NEW ZEELAND, BELGIUM, UAE, DUBAI, GERMANY AND LOT MORE...!


Since 1973 doing concerts, operas, albums, TV soaps, Stage performances, music and language work shops with children and lot more with touring exclusively to almost all the States in India and abroad as well one becomes restless as to whom shall we offer our treasure. So time has come to extend the same. My only experience is that EXPERINCING NAADA THE DIVINE SOUND, WHICH IS THE EXPRESSION OF ONES OWN SOUL EXPLORES EVERYTHING THAT ONE DESIRES MOST...! 


Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing, music designing, lyrics writing, screen play writing.       

Born and brought up at Badiyar Bala Srinagar Kashmir I was trained by my uncle Pt. Shri Krishan Langoo into light vocal music and later I received a bit of classical music training as well from famous musicologists like Pt Tej Krishan Jalalai, Pt Prithvi Nath Raina, Pt Hukum Chand of Dilli Gharana, Pt Krishan Chander of Banaras Gharana, Pt Ram Narayan and many other teachers. 

Since 1973 when I recorded a Lal Vaak the verses of Lalleshwari. I am a regular performer for Radio AIR, Doordarshan, Stage and other forums, organisations from time to time. 

My main forte is singing, writing lyrics, screen play writing, Music creation and designing. Apart from all this I am into organizing work shops with children whom we train to talk in their respective mother tongue Kashmiri. Now a days we have taken up a task to help children read and chant Bhagwad Gita and preserve this valuable treasure with them.


Great moments: ........

Prestegious Festivals attended:

Over the years had opportunity to attend lots of festivals inside and outside the country............ 

Film music at its new phase:
When trusted with this format had something new to offer and it worked with grand success....

Biography - Dalip Langoo

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In todays world we see tremendous eruption of terrorism and every country is pained with this disturbing trend. To end this menace all world leaders show their concerns to eliminate it. Miltsar along with LALITADITYA PEACE FOUNDATION is committed to work in this direction as well to enable like minded people to wipe off this to let the entire global citizens to live without fear. Musical sounds thus has a great role to play and exploring possibilities through MUSIC soothing to everyones soul will be shared and masses will be encouraged to enjoy the essence of celetial sound of divine mentioned in the ancient scriptures of all faiths. 

We will give a new way to all concerned and all who will show interest in the new innovative way how to lean into the world of happiness through entertainment means. 



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Residents posed while wearing Phyarans with Kalpush of various colors and designs with lots of Herth articles like Vatuk, Samavaar, Gadu, Kanger !